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Lone Venturer Scouts


Age Eligibility:  15 - 17 yo 




Venturer Scouts is the fourth section in Scouts, for young people aged 15 - 17.


Venturer Scouts are challenged to look wide - to seek opportunities for adventure they may not have thought possible before.

The Venturer Scout section challenges youth members to expand their comfort zones like never before!


In this age section, Venturer Scouts will be encouraged to pursue their interests in great depth. Project Patrols will help Venturer Scouts to achieve this, with like-minded people joining together to enhance the challenge.

Venturer Scouts will learn about self-motivation and the courage required to overcome the challenges they face. Venturer Scouts will realise the value of their support networks, as well as how these will adapt and change with time and the pursuit of new interests.

Venturer Scouts drive their own Unit program through the Challenge Areas. The Unit will remain an important foundation for Venturer Scouts. Here Venturer Scouts will hare their skills and interests through an adventurous, fun, challenging and inclusive program. Through the Unit program, Venturer Scouts will practice and enhance their leadership abilities through Plan>Do>Review>. The Unit also provides a safe space for Scouts to find a sense of belonging and to share the experience of personal development. 

The section focuses on individuals and small groups looking wide in adventures, projects and challenges. As a Venturer Scout, they will become increasingly aware of their own interests and focus more on improving their skills, while maintaining a curiosity for new experiences - all of which is nurtured and developed through the Venturer Scout program.

Venturer Scouts will look wider than ever before and make the most of the here and now and seek out new challenges and adventures. Venturer Scouts will seize the opportunities that arise along their journey, constantly seeking new experiences and taking considered risks, expanding their comfort zone.

Venturer Uniforms can be purchased from the Scout Outdoor Centre online or at 192 Rundle St, Adelaide SA 5000. Venturers will need full uniform for official functions. 


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